Preferences can be published to certain sites.

General preferences

Check Private site to make the site accessible only to visitors who are logged in.

Check Show age gateway to enable the age gateway for the site. Visitors must confirm their age before they are allowed to browse the site.

Exempted URLs are URLs which must always be visible regardless of Private site or Age gateway settings. Certain URLs like /login are visible by default and do not need to be listed.

The Analytics tags field may contain javascript. There is a fallback to enable analytics on low-end browsers but it is not configurable through the web. See the section.

Registration preferences

You can select which fields to display on the registration form. Some fields (eg. username) are always visible on the registration form and cannot be removed.

You can select a subset of the displayed fields to be required. Fields which are absolutely required (eg. username) cannot be set to be optional. For instance, if the site users my log in using their mobile number then set mobile_number as a required field.

Some fields may need to be unique, especially those that may be used to log in to the site. Using the mobile number example above you should set mobile_number to be a unique field. It is important to decide beforehand which fields must be unique since it is difficult to remove duplicates if you change this setting. An exeption is raised if you attempt to change this setting and duplicates are detected (friendlier validation still to be added).

Login preferences

Users typically log in to a normal site with their username or email address, whereas a mobile number is a natural login field for a mobile site. Choose from Username only, Email address only, Mobile number only or Username or email address.

Password reset preferences

When a user loses his password he may request a password reset. Normally this is accomplished by sending an email to the user, but in the case of a mobile site it is desirable to send a text. Choose between Email address or Mobile number. Note that a password reset request does not automatically generate a new password for the user since this may lead to malicious people disabling users’ accounts.

Naughty word preferences

You can set a list of weighted words. The report_naughty_words management command identifies potentially offensive comments. An email containing clickable links for approval or deletion is sent to the Email recipients.